The launch of our new Date Night series has arrived

As the organisers, we were filled with a combination of fear, anxiety and excitement. The scene was set with dim candle light and soft background music, as we awaited our guests.

The air filled up with confused eyes, which quickly turned into excited giggles and naughty laughs. “Where do you get this idea” ask the one? “Will you have different themes every month” asked the other?

As they settled in, we prepared the activities. The men, excited as they needed to unlock their partners. The women not really know whether they wanted to like or dislike the idea of being locked up – handing over control, has never been a priority on our list. When we explained to them, that we wanted to get the focus back – men hunt and women needs to be looked after, they somewhat eased up.

Activity 1 – Having to stare at each other, made some grim while others enjoyed the fact that the partner looked at them for the first time in months.

Activity 2 – Now that you have seen, you need to compliment. While you massaging their fingers, you have to compliment them for each of those fingers. When last have you gotten a compliment for just being you, not being a mom or things you do, just for being you.

Activity 3 – This is where things got a bit hot under the collar for some, for others, the first time they felt their partner’s hands on them in a positive way (not for sex or favours) just being present. The men thoroughly enjoyed this activity, not having to just give a massage but getting one back.

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