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About Me

I am a mother of 4 girls, their ages ranging from 2 till 8. When I met my wonderful husband at the mere age of 22, I never would have thought that our house would be this blessed and crazy at times (well most times).

I am also a rape survivor, so having children was never in my plans – I didn’t think I would be good at it and was very scared that they would steal away the spark I had with my husband. They definitely did, but also the reason behind Mesdames Thicke.

Struggling to get rid of the trauma that was stuck in my body, the way I connected with my husband became strained. So working on me, meant working on our intimacy too, I had to trust him with parts of me (some of these parts still broken). Instead of being all serious about it, we made it fun – which made me love my body, mind and soul again (for everything it was, went through and still going to become).

Now, I can let my girls fall in love with true love (it doesn’t mean it is always beautiful, but it evolves on a constant bases).

My husband loves it, as it gives him more freedom, creativity and ideas when it comes to our intimacy. Our communication has improved and we are witnessing our lives together (sometimes he leads and other times I do).